It's well known that drawing the face and hands are one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome for any artist. Fortunately, that has never been the case with Rafael. It has always been a natural talent for Rafael to render the human face and has been a focus point since early in his art experience. Below is just a small sample of some of the custom airbrush work Rafael has produced lately. The sizes range from as small as 14" x 17" to as large as 48" x 64". All are airbrushed paintings on canvas with acrylic and ink being the media of choice.

Feel free to visit the "Contact" area of this website if you're interested in any of the artwork below. Manifest:Art Studio still has some of the original artwork seen below which may be purchased at a negotiated price. Just click on the "Buy Now" button below to pay via Paypal(a secure online server) or send Manifest an e-mail to make other arrangements. All work may be reproduced if needed and custom portrait inquiries are welcome.

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Airbrush Lupe Velez portrait by Rafael Ramirez
Lupe Velez, B&W
Vintage Hollywood

Airbrush Lupe Velez in color portrait by Rafael Ramirez
Lupe Velez w/color
1930's Actress

Airbrush portrait of Jesus Christ by Rafael Ramirez
Jesus Christ
Teaching by the well.

Airbrush Portrait of Jesus Christ by Rafael Ramirez
Jesus' last words.

Airbrush Portrait of Oscar DeLa Hoya by Rafael Ramirez
The Golden-Boy.

Airbrush portrait of Kobe Bryant by Rafael Ramirez
Kobe Bryant
#8 slam dunking.

Airbrush Portrait of Jack Nicholson by Rafael Ramirez
Jack Nicholson
Young and sly Jack.

Airbrush portrait of Billy Corgan by Rafael Ramirez
Billy Corgan
Rock star front man.

Airbrush portrait of Emiliano Zapata by Rafael Ramirez
Emiliano Zapata
Revolutionary war hero.

Airbrush portrait of Jennifer Lopez by Rafael Ramirez
Jennifer Lopez
"Selena" movie star.

Airbrush portrait of Tyrone Power by Rafael Ramirez
Tyrone Power
Vintage Hollywood actor.

Airbrush portrait of Madonna by Rafael Ramirez
Still looking good.

Airbrush portrait of Jim Morrison by Rafael Ramirez
Jim Morrison
"The Doors" front man.

Airbrush portrait of Los Lobos Band by Rafael Ramirez
Los Lobos
Famous latin band.

Airbrush portrait of Al Pacino, Scarface, The Godfather by Rafael Ramirez
Al Pacino
The Godfather.

Airbrush portrait of Tupac Shakur, 2Pac, rapper by Rafael Ramirez
Tupac Shakur
Late rap star

Airbrush portrait of Michael Jackson by Rafael Ramirez
Michael Jackson
The King of Pop

Airbrush portrait of Pope John II by Rafael Ramirez
Pope John Paul II
The late Pope.