The position of Manifest Artist Associate (MAA) is a term position responsible for executing custom airbrush projects in a specified timeframe and with a high level of skill. The MAA will receive projects according to rank from Manifest:Art Studio (MAS) and will either accept or pass on the project.


The successful candidate will be responsible for receiving project information, reviewing and communication of project needs, accepting or "passing" of project, coordinating with MAS on completion fulfillment and shipping of completed work to client. Essentially, the MAA will complete projects for MAS that Rafael simply cannot do due to schedule restraints.


The position of MAA will be held for 6 months. After which, the applicant can re-apply for another term during "Open Call".


The position of MAA requires the successful candidate be able to work at his or her own studio and with his or her own equipment. The MAA must be at advanced levels in regards to custom airbrush technique and skill. The MAA must be proficient in painting on a wide variety of surfaces and must be skilled in painting with different mediums. The MAA must have, or have access to a computer and be knowledgeable in various programs and online services as it relates to studio and project needs.


The current goal for MAS is to have at least 4-6 MAA on contract at all times. Each MAA will be assigned a rank which is established during "open call"and is very important in regards to the value of projects secured. Each entry submitted to Open Call will achieve a score on a 10 point system based on five different criteria:

1. Mastery of Color
2. Technique Skill Level
3. Overall Creativity
4. Detail Complexity
5. Size and Scope

To clarify, each category will achieve a score from 1-10, 10 being the highest. The person with the most points accumulated at the end of Open Call will achieve the #1 Rank. The person with the second highest will achieve #2 Rank and so on. The #1 ranked MAA will be offered projects first and it is up to that artist to accept the project or pass it to the 2nd ranked MAA and so on.

All entries will be posted in a gallery on this website along with scores as they are entered in the contest.


Open call is a small competition open to anyone who would like to establish themselves as an MAA with Manifest:Art Studio and serves as a way to allow new talent to achieve exposure and success in custom airbrushing. During the last month of an existing 6-month MAA contract, MAS will accept submissions from prospective artists looking to replace or "bump" existing artists from established ranks.

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