While there are many books on learning how to paint with an airbrush, and numerous guides on tricks, tips and techniques in the art of custom airbrush painting, finding information on learning how to PHYSICALLY control an airbrush is difficult. The art of "airbrush gun control" is learned by practice. If any student is to ask on how to become a better airbrush artist, any teacher or skilled airbrush artist will say, practice and then practice some more.

So the question becomes: How do I practice airbrushing in an effective and timely manner? This is the question that Rafael faced early on and is the question that everyone attempting to airbrush must answer. There was no doubt that Rafael could draw and displayed a natural talent for drawing and painting. But learning to wield a piece of steel that doesn't even make contact with the surface to be painted is in itself, perplexing!

The airbrush instructional worksheets below have been made available by Rafael Ramirez as a source of quality airbrush practice material. The worksheets are taken from private instructional sessions by Rafael and represent a tiny percentage of the course material that Manifest:Art Studio offers it's students. It has always been the wish of Rafael to offer beginner airbrush artists a place on the world wide web to go and download this kind of invaluable material.

The worksheets below will not teach you how to paint "real fire" and they will not teach you how to properly apply a clear coat finish. They will not teach you how to mix a kandy and they will not teach you how to paint true skin tones. They WILL however teach your mind, through steady practice of planned procedures, how to control your fingers in conjunction with your hand in the use of an airbrush. Each worksheet is in PDF form and is made available for immediate download after payment is made. They are designed to print on a standard 8.5" x 11" size paper (inkjet canvas paper recommended) on any printer. Each worksheet includes a "read-me" file that lays out the instructions and guidelines for that particular worksheet.

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$2.00 (Unlimited Use)

Learn how to pinpoint spots with your airbrush.

"Often times when airbrushing, the ability to successfully start a line at the exact spot is crucial. Highlighting, fills, and area shading depend on the airbrusher's ability to stay within a tight area and correctly "hit" the painted surface at the right distance and with the ultimate control. This practice sheet will help to teach the beginner airbrusher the correct distance between gun tip and surface. More important, the exercise will teach hand-to-eye coordination."

$2.00 (Unlimited Use)

Learn how to pinpoint spots then flare away with your airbrush.

"Often times when airbrushing, the ability to successfully start a line at the exact spot is crucial. The ability to then flare from an initial start point is a neccesity in successful airbrush painting. This exercise is designed to teach the student how to do this in a multitude of different directions."

$2.00 (Unlimited Use)

Practice 4 different "hits" with your airbrush

"The pinhole, pinhole-flare, half-fill, and solid fill are the foundation which any airbrush student must build upon. This practice sheet focuses on these 4 skills and challenges the beginner to execute upon demand. After practicing and learning these 4 sprays, the student can up the ante by timing the execution and completion of this worksheet. "

$2.00 (Unlimited Use)

Learn how to plan, paint, then rest with your airbrush.

"Successful airbrushing relies on making decisions then executing those plans in the correct order. This worksheet is designed to teach the beginner just that and allows for a solid foundation of 'plan, paint, and rest'. A numbered series of pods with minimal entrances are designed to teach basic control of paint line, width, and travel."

$2.00 (Unlimited Use)

Learn how to match various gradients of grey.

"This worksheet is designed to assist the student airbrush artist in 'seeing and painting' the correct color value according to a greyscale legend. A series of boxes must be painted in correct value based upon the greyscale legend number presented. This exercise teaches the artist the powerful skill of knowing when to stop applying color based upon the ability of 'seeing' and 'painting' the correct color value level."

$2.00 (Unlimited Use)

Learn how to look ahead and to either side while airbrushing.

"Believe it or not, a successful, precisely airbrushed line is painted by 'looking ahead' at the path of the line and not at the actual airbrushed line. This requires a skill of not concentrating at what you're painting but concentrating on where you're going. This insures the line is exactly where you wanted it by following the rule that the hand will follow where the eye leads."